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2010: The Year that Ended so Fast

This post does not count as a year-end entry. This is merely a shout out of some sort.
Anyway, 2010 ended pretty quickly for me. It seemed that I was just greeting 2010 yesterday with some awesome fire crackers and lo and behold, I am now bidding my goodbye to 2010. I am not quite sure what made it end so fast. Maybe because I was able to enjoy every minute of the year. Maybe because there were too much ups and downs that I was not able to notice the ticking of the clock. Or maybe I just did not care at all.
This year I experienced a lot of new dramas and new things. I experienced failure. Not once but countless of times. I experienced success with my friends. I learned how to be friendly. I learned how to be bitchy. I lost friends. I gained new ones. But what made 2010 interesting is the fact that I survived an entire year of challenges because of God's blessings. I survived the year with my family and friends!
Now, I bid goodbye to you 2010 with a smile. Not because I am eager for you to end. But because that you made me learn new lessons. You helped me grow and become a better person. You made my existence worthwhile. On this note GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011. I am now ready to greet 2011 with a resounding smile, hoping of another year filled with laughters and smiles, tears and learnings.
Happy New Year!

Kyle Hanagami - Firework

One kick-ass dance moves! I wished I knew how to dance as good as Kyle Hanagami!

I am Board

I wonder how people nowadays got this crazy? HAHAHA. This made me laugh so hard. :D

The reason I posted this image is because it is very relevant to me right now. As of this term, I have 5 research papers to submit at the end of the trimester. Good thing is, the papers are done by group. Bad side is, my group mates are not really that great when it comes to writing. Yes I am bad for telling everyone about it.

But duh? They still have this mind set that they are almighty great when in truth is I have to rewrite everything that they have written. The ideas for the paper all comes from me. The paper looked more like an individual thing than a group thing. I shit you not. Here is an excerpt from one of the papers that are currently being written which is made by my group mate:

According to Rodriguez (2009), companies tend to employ non-family members as full time managers in the firm to suffice the need. This is for the reason that both the family and the business grow and the business requires more managers and the family could not provide as much effective managers as the organization needs. Moreover, professional managers have different experiences in the organizations they worked with and bring their knowledge to the family firms and thus, the firm can be able to improve and further adapt with the changes happening in the business environment.

Hinay Hinay Lang

A word has a capacity to totally change, twist and distort the meaning of what we are trying to say.

Like these experiences I had yesterday:

Me: Uy! Bola ng basketball. Keio, pahiram!
Keio: Eto o. Ingat nga pala. Masakit yan pag nafinger ka nyan.
Me: Whaaaaat?

Yoyo: Sheila sayo na lang tong Pringles o.
Sheila: Salamat. Grabe ang hirap naman nitong kainin.
Yoyo: Basta isubo mo na lang.
Everyone: WOOOOOW.

Tonton: Haluiin mo na yung egg mo.
Emang: Oo na. Ano ginagawa mo?
Tonton: I am poking your egg.
Emang: Don't touch my egg.
Me: Healthy conversation much. HAHAHA

If I have to live my life hearing these things, I swear I won't be able to stop laughing.

UAAP Season 73 Volleyball Schedule



Sat 27-Nov-10 Filoil Arena

Men DLSU vs NU 9:00am
Men ADMU vs UST 11:00am
Women FEU vs NU 2:00pm
Women ADMU vs UST 4:00pm
Sun 28-Nov-10 Filoil Arena
Men UE vs AdU 9:00am
Men UP vs FEU 11:00am
Women UP vs UE 2:00pm
Women AdU vs DLSU 4:00pm
Wed 1-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men NU vs ADMU 9:00am
Men FEU vs UE 11:00am
Women NU vs ADMU 2:00pm
Women DLSU vs UP 4:00pm
Sat 4-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men FEU vs NU 9:00am
Men UP vs DLSU 11:00am
Women DLSU vs NU 2:00pm
Women AdU vs FEU 4:00pm
Sun 5-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men AdU vs ADMU 9:00am
Men UE vs UST 11:00am
Women UE vs ADMU 2:00pm
Women UP vs UST 4:00pm
Wed 8-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men UST vs UP 9:00am
Men AdU vs DLSU 11:00am
Women FEU vs UE 2:00pm
Women UST vs AdU 4:00pm
Sat 11-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men UST vs DLSU 9:00am
Men AdU vs UP 11:00am
Women UE vs AdU 2:00pm
Women UST vs FEU 4:00pm
Sun 12-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men ADMU vs FEU 9:00am
Men NU vs UE 11:00am
Women NU vs UP 2:00pm
Women ADMU vs DLSU 4:00pm
Wed 15-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men AdU vs NU 9:00am
Men UP vs ADMU 11:00am
Women UE vs NU 2:00pm
Women AdU vs ADMU 4:00pm
Sat 18-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men UST vs AdU 9:00am
Men DLSU vs FEU 11:00am
Women UST vs UE 2:00pm
Women FEU vs DLSU 4:00pm
Sun 19-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men NU vs UP 9:00am
Men UE vs ADMU 11:00am
Women NU vs AdU 2:00pm
Women UP vs ADMU 4:00pm
Sat 8-Jan-11 Filoil Arena
Men FEU vs AdU 9:00am
Men NU vs UST 11:00am
Women DLSU vs UE 2:00pm
Women NU vs UST 4:00pm
Sun 9-Jan-11 Filoil Arena
Men UP vs UE 9:00am
Men ADMU vs DLSU 11:00am
Women AdU vs UP 2:00pm
Women ADMU vs FEU 4:00pm
Wed 12-Jan-11 Filoil Arena
Men DLSU vs UE 9:00am
Men UST vs FEU 11:00am
Women FEU vs UP 2:00pm
Women UST vs DLSU 4:00pm
- End of 1st Round -

After Basketball, Volleyball is the second most popular game in the UAAP. I am quite not sure who is the strongest among the teams but surely I'll support my Alma Mater! :)) Animo La Salle!

Charlie St. Cloud at Rockwell

The first movie I watched at Power Plant Cinema was Charlie St. Cloud starring Zac Efron. And i think it was not worth it much. :D FYI, I went to see the movie because the people I am with that time were Zac Efron fans. So yeah, I feel like they are going to kill me if I choose to watch another movie. HAHAHA. The movie was not a total crap. I actually learned something from that movie:

Learn what to let go and know who to hold on.
I don't know if it is true or not, but sometimes, we as human become too attached to people and things to the extent that we become obsessed with it. But in life there is nothing that will not change. It is a fact that we have to learn when to keep holding on and learn when to start letting go. It is from letting go that we see our horizon and we get to open ourselves to countless opportunities. So, I ask you, what is one thing that you had a hard time letting go, but when you let it go, you found happiness?

Football Field Kick Off

Last October 1, 2010, DLSU had its kick off celebration for the football field. Why? Because the football field will be changed into a new building. Well I think La Salle is just coping with the need of bigger space for a bigger school population.

Personal Note:

Ang pinaka una kong P.E. sa DLSU ay Football. Noong nalaman ko yon napaSYET ako ng di oras. :)) Hindi naman dahil sa hindi ako marunong maglaro ng football dahil hindi naman talaga ako marunong maglaro, kung hindi dahil 2 hours kaming maglalaro noon every Tuesday. Hassle.

Tapos noong minsan nagkaroon kami ng competition, napaka competitive ng mga classmates ko. Parang wala ng bukas kung makatakbo. Eh di ako nageffort na rin. Agaw sa bola. Sipa sa bola. Pero SYET ang lalaki ng mga classmates ko. Parang times two ng body mass ko. Kaya ang resulta, konting pag siko lang isa na ako sa mga tumutumbang players. HAHAHA.

Ayos lang dahil kasama naman yun sa laro. At naenjoy ko rin naman ang football dahil doon ko mas nakilala mga blockmates ko. At dun ko rin naenjoy ang pagtakbo takbo sa Footbal Field. Siguro I'll miss looking at the football field from the 3rd of LS building. Wala na kasi akong makikitang mga Varsity players na nagpapractice. HAHAHA

Useless Fact: Oldest Prostitute

I was listening to Mellow 94.7 when the DJ shared his useless fact of the day - the Oldest Prostitute!
The oldest living, working prostitute would be an 82 year old woman nicknamed ‘Grandma’. She charges ten or twenty times less than other prostitutes.
This is just so disturbing. O_O

Weird Conversations

Minsan ay marami tayong mga SABAW moments kasama ang mga kaibigan. These are the moments na lagi kong matatandaan at tatawanan.

Scene: Sa loob ng Cultural Arts Office
Me: Mark Yap! I saw you kanina or yesterday. I'm not sure!
Mark Yap: Baka kahapon. Yung hindi kita pinansin?
Me: Ay Putang ina mo.

HAHAHAHA. Sobrang feeling lang ha. Ako pa ang hindi pinansin? Si SuperJude kaya ako! HAHAHA. Pag pinansin kita, ang swerte mo na! HAHAHAHA.

Scene: Sa 9th floor ng Razon Sports Complex
Me: Guinto! Pahiram ako ng badminton racket!
Guinto: O sige. Eto o.
Me: Salamat. (pagkakuha, inexamine ang raketa) Ang bigat naman ng raketa mo.
Guinto: Bakit? Yung sa'yo ba?
Me: Magaan lang yung akin eh!
Guinto: Eh bakit 'di mo dinala?
Me: Mabigat eh!

Waw Sabaw! HAHAHA. Minsan hindi ko alam kung bakit parang sopas na ako kausap.

Sasamahan Kita!

Last week, I was out of town for 3 days and 2 nights because I attended my school org's Leadership Training and Team building Seminar. I would be sharing all about the place, food and everything in between on my next post. Today, I would just like to share one of the things that I have truly appreciated on the seminar.

Person as being a community.

People tend to do things collectively. It is very much evident among Filipinos.

Girl1: Uy, C.R. tayo!
Girl2: Ocge. Sama ka na rin Girl3.
Girl3: Cge cge. Wait baka magtampo si Girl 4, sama na rin natin.

Pagdating sa banyo, si Girl1 lang ang nag C.R., yung iba ayun na sa may salamin at nagtsitsimisan. (napaisip tuloy ako, paano kaya pag lalaki ang ganito.. alam na! hahahaha)

Based on my experience naman, yung group of friends ko ay nagapply sa isang organization pero yung isang friend lang naman talaga namin ang gustong sumali. Just for the sake na may moral support siya, ayun at nagapply din kami. HAHAHA.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit naging likas na sa mga Pilipino ang paggawa ng mga bagay bagay ng sama sama. Siguro dahil na rin likas na madaldal ang mga Pilipino at hindi kayang mabuhay ng walang kausap. HAHAHA.

Stomp the Yard

So I watched this movie last Thursday. Wala akong magawa sa buhay eh. Well, it was my second time watching it so I quite now what the story was all about - Magandang dance moves and a bit of sad plot. Medyo draggy din yung start. Na realize ko rin na isa pala talaga akong frustrated dancer. I wanna die now. HAHAHA.

Pero ang pinaka hindi ko makakalimutan dun eh ito:

"Anong sinabi ng nguso mo sa nguso ko Angelina Jolie?"

I Survived My Last Day

I survived my last day at Citibank! Oh yes! And now I’ll be enjoying my 1 and 1/2 week term break. hahahaha.
These are the reasons why I’ll miss Citi:
  • Printing! ( I printed one Ebook there. *Top Secret* Dedz na ako pag nalaman nila. hahaha)
  • Tumblr! Citi brought me closer to Tumblr. why? Because there was no FB, Twiiter, Blogger, Youtube and everything else. There was only Tumblr. But it was something to be happy about. :D
  • Krispy Kreme. I’m going to die young. We have weekly supply of doughnuts. Sugar. It kills me.
  • Friday Lunches. Having lunch with your supervisors is quite fun. Parang barkada lang kayo. Plus, libre pa yung lunch! :))
  • My officemates! Yehey to them! I love them! :) LCB Family.
  • Bank Car. I love having a driver. hahaha.

Parental Guidance : May Nakita Ako

on our way home

from my mom's workplace in makati,,

we were taking the usual route.

I noticed a guy-

a not good-looking guy

a guy that is not part of the corporate world

most probably part of the illegal world(haha!)-,

in the very nook and cranny of the street..

doing something

something that stirred my innocent mind

something that made me wonder

'parang rapist toh'


because he is doing something

something rapists do in the streets

that others cant do

eager to know what he is doing?












hahhaha.. a weird sight to see.. :))

Globe Immortaltxt

Tatlong beses na akong naka receive ng ganitong message mula sa Globe:
You are one of the selected subscribers who can still use our IMMORTAL promos! ….
Pero para sa akin poker face.
Mas ginagamit ko kasi Sun ko kesa sa Globe. Pero kagabi, ginamit ko Globe ko. May tinext kasi akong naka Globe din. Ayun, check muna ako ng balance kung magkano na lang load ko… at ayun 11 pesos na lang. HAHAHA. Last July pa yung last pa load ko. At ang pinaload ko lang nun is 100 pesos. HAHAHA. Ganun ako kakuripot
Tapos ayun, balak ko sana mag Immortal kasi pwede pa naman.. Kaso di kaya ng budget. Kaya nagtext na lang ako ng hindi nagreregister. Nakailang text na rin ako ng maisipan kong icheck kung magkano na lang load ko. OC ako like that. Pag tingin ko, 11 pesos pa rin. Nagulat ako. Sa isip isip ko mahal ako masyado ng Globe. =))
Pero ang totoo pala, hindi ko pa pala ubos ung Immortaltxt credits ko. Meron pa akong tumataginting na 43 credits. Syet. From July to August, out of the 75 credits, 35 lang nagamit ko. :))
Ayun lang. Gusto ko lang inggitin ang mga taong hindi makapag Immortaltxt. =)) 

Hostage Drama: Where Do I Stand?

This would be my first post about the Hostage Drama that happened yesterday, August 23, 2010. Yes, it was sad. But what’s much sadder was the way how Filipinos spread hate on our country’s already tarnished reputation.

Maybe instead of criticizing and hating, we could just think of a way on how we could start rebuilding thecountry’s reputation. Below is a letter I read from one blog. Worth Reading.

A Letter to The Filipino Youth

I would like this entry to be a vessel of words that every unassuming, Filipino youth can call his or her own.

Today I witnessed one of the most atrocious acts humanity has ever seen. Blood spilt, fingers pointed in all directions, and so much compassion and sympathy turning into spite and anger. Fellow Filipinos, I feel your pain. I feel your anger. Whether it is with the media, whose blind incompetence further fed a madman’s blood lust. Or Manila’s Finest, whose obvious lack of training has made a possibly peaceful exchange into a bloody altercation. We are even angry at our leaders, our politicians, who seemingly did nothing but throw out words and blame at each other, and exclaim the sorry state of our mother nation. Yes, I, as you, am deeply livid. Livid to the point of shame towards my nationality. But as I cursed and screamed and cried, I came to realize something: I have been looking through a telescope. Quirino Grandstand is miles away as I wept in distance. Truth be told, it is very easy not to care. How will this really affect the food I eat, the job or school I go to, or the people I say my hello’s and goodnight’s to? But to hell with that! The fact of the matter is, I DO care. There is a sense of nationalistic altruism in my blood somehow.

If only though a telescope.

I urge you, fellow Filipinos, to look at a mirror instead.

I have come to recognize that none of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for me. I am to blame. And I accept all the repercussions this event entails. I have not always REALLY cared for this country. This morning, I was not thinking about the inherent problems of social media. I was not pondering on answers for poverty. I was not thinking of how I could be a part of the solution for corruption and street violence. This morning, I had my own life. And suddenly, with the whole world watching, with the problem growing out of proportion, and with my fellow Filipinos affected, I began to care like a mother to her crying child. I am a sleeping giant, poked by a pin.
Now, all my thoughts are dedicated to the flaws of Philippine government and media. And all my emotions are dedicated towards nationalism and unity. I am angered and displeased. But what have I done? I’ve simply tweeted some curses, blamed some people, offered a few well wishes and prayers, and that’s it.

One month from now, I will not think of Captain Mendoza or the people who have died and suffered in this ordeal. And why should I? Life goes on. But I ask you, fellow Filipinos, WHERE do we move on to? How do we live our lives from here? I believe that today was a message from God. Maybe I SHOULD think about the country more often. Maybe I SHOULD start doing something of my own to remedy the problems plaguing our nation. Maybe I SHOULD add the country to my nightly prayers. Right after I pray for my parents. My brothers. My sisters. All of whom I love dearly. Maybe I SHOULD start loving the country like I love them.

I place blame on myself because had I been doing all these things, had I lived my life even 10% more towards Nationalism and the improvement of my environment, I think maybe people like Captain Mendoza wouldn’t exist. Maybe media wouldn’t be so defective. Maybe our police officers would be more adept. And maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have to have my telescopic sympathy turn into blind rage.

When Ondoy struck, I wept for this country. I handed out my donations, did volunteer work, and helped rebuild our city. But what then? What now? Honestly speaking, for me, Ondoy is past and I have not really done anything to remedy the situation. I am not even close to ready in case another storm of that magnitude hits. I’ve stopped caring. Even when deep inside me, I know I should care more. And even when, back then, I felt like I wanted to help the entire world. And for this, I am truly sorry.

Conversely, this is why I am truly sorry for the events that transpired today. I am at fault. I promise to do better. I promise to be a beacon of change. I promise to admit my faults and my selective sympathy. I promise that I will live my life, even to the least extent, making sure that something like this will never happen again.

I am deeply sorry, humanity. I ask that you forgive not only Captain Mendoza, or the media, or the police, but I as well. I am at debt to you and I can only hope that my words can help my fellow youth feel as I do.


I am Jay Abastillas. A Filipino. 22 years old. And I am sorry that I don’t pray for the country enough.

Minsan sa MRT

Nung mga first few days ko sa internship sa Citibank, ang way ko pauwi ay FX-MRT-VAN-TRICYCLE

Minsan isang araw, mga 6:00 PM na ako nakaalis ng Citi. Nagmadali naman ako. Pagdating ko na sa MRT Ayala. Grabe! Parang pang WOWOWEE yung pila. Ang daming paikot ikot na naganap. Mga 30 minutes din akong nakapila nun. Nung nakalagpas na ako sa guard na nagchecheck ng mga bag, ito na lang nasabi ko

Tapos nung naghihintay na ako ng tren, medyo natuwa ako kasi nasa bandang unahan ako. Ayun, may dumating na tren. Gitgitan na. Nang nakalabas na lahat ng dapat lumabas, nakipagsiksikan na ako papasok. Tapos, may biglang anak ng tapa na gumamit ng kamay at braso at buong katawan niya mauna lang makapasok. IMBA siya. Medyo malapit na talaga ako nun eh. Bigla ba naman ako hatakin tapos sa mukha ko pa ilagay ang mga kamay niya. Buti na lang hindi pa ako nasasapian nun kung hindi hinatak ko siya palabas ng tren.

At hindi pa natapos yun. Syempre, naghintay na lang ako ng sumunod na tren. Pagdating nung isang tren, nakapasok na ako! YES! Pero grabe pa rin yung mga tao sa labas, pumapasok pa rin kahit sobrang sikip na.

May isa pang lalaking nagsabi

Guy: Usog pa. Maluwag pa diyan sa loob.
Me: Mas maluwag diyan sa labas. Diyan ka na lang.

HAHAHA. Sorry na sa pagiging kupal. Gusto ko na kasi talaga makauwi.

Multiple Earthquakes Hit Southern Philippines

I was not aware that multiple earthquakes hit the southern Philippines yesterday. I still have not heard it from the news yet. Basing on this UK report the first earthquake happened at 6:08 am and the last was at 7:18 am. I am not also quite sure if there were any casualties during the incident but let us hope there were none.

The GMG Experience

So last night was the first time I attended the Cultural Awards Night. Ayun, late ako ng mga 1 hour. HAHAHA. Namiss ko yung mga tao dun.

Photo credit: Raphie Torres

Hairspray Fashion

I need some HELP! I am now in panic mood. HAHAHA. I have a Cultural Arts Office (CAO) Awards Night to attend to this Friday and I still don't have something to wear. The theme of the awards night would be 'Hairspray, 2007' where Zac Efron was on the lead role. By the way, I haven't seen the movie yet. I am not really enticed to watch it. :)

Moving on, I am deciding on these two outfits:

Aaron Johnson

(1) I am not quite sure if this kind of polo would fit the Hairspray fashion. Nevertheless, I think it would have a Hairspray look since it is a bit of retro. HAHAHA. Alsom I am leaning more on to this since it is more practical and a bit inexpensive. HAHAHA. (yes, I am kuripot that much. HAHAHA)

Screencap from the movie Hairspray, 2007

(2) This second one is a bit not really my style. It is very shiny shimmering splendid. HAHAHA. However, I am considering this outfit since I know many of those who would attend would wear this and I do not want to be super out of place. :|

Now I am clearly dead. What should I wear? Help!

Nowhere Boy: Bio of John Lennon

Nowhere boy is about the extraordinary untold story of John Lennon. The boy who only wanted is Love.

Quite honestly, I am not a big fan of John Lennon nor any of the members of The Beatles nor of the band itself. I had already this bias in my head that any old song is not worth listening to.

I admit, however, that I was wrong. I was wrong to assume that any old song sucks. I was wrong to not like John Lennon or The Beatles. Geez. Their songs were amazing. They were also brilliant singers!

Anyhow, Nowhere Boy is quite an interesting film.

I never thought that John Lennon had this drama in his life. But I admire him for not letting the dramas in his life drag him down. Because if he had let it, the world would never know of The Beatles.

Personally, I think the film was successful in telling John Lennon's life. Throughout the movie, you would see his significant ups and downs before becoming The Beatles. But what makes the movie superb is being able to capture the reality of life. Films are not supposed to teach its audience what life is about, instead films makes us realize what life is.

In Nowhere Boy, it made me realize that success is never given to you in a silver platter. Opportunities and experiences lead you to success. And most especially, your drive to take that success.

Here is one of my most liked scenes in the movie:

I admit that I have also asked myself why I haven't become someone else. And here, I get my answer. Cause God is saving me for SuperJude.

Another screencap: Mind shocking.

I suggest that you guys watch Nowhere Boy! You will love it. :D

Kailangan Natin ng Space

Kung ang words nga kailangan ng space para maintindihan, tao pa kaya?
Napaisip ako ng quote na iyan. Naalala ko ang mga karanasan ko na kinailangan ko ng personal space sa buhay. Hindi yung personal space na binibigay nitong Website Designs Kung hindi space sa mga pila. Exagg kasi akong bata. Kung gumalaw ako, kailangan ng at least 1 meter diameter para masiguro na walang tatamaan. Sorry na. Ang ikekwento ko ay karanasan ko sa isang hinding kilalang babae.
So nasa 7-11 ako nun.
(Pansin ko lang, lahat ng mga experience ko na sa convenience store. HAHAHAHA) Tapos nagbabayad na ako sa cashier noon. Hindi ko napansin at namalayan na may babae pa lang nakapila sa likuran ko. At hindi ko rin napansin na sobrang nakadikit siya sa akin. (Hindi ko naman kasi talaga mapigilan sex appeal ko. Pero wag naman sana doon diba? HAHAHA.)
Syempre dahil nga hindi ko alam na nasa likuran ko siya, umikot ako. Tapos yung mga elbows ko tumama sa kanyang maselang parte ng katawan. Agad naman ako humingi ng paumanhin. I am a gentleman like that. Sabi ko 'Oh syet. Sorry.' Ang sinagot naman niya, 'Okay lang.'

Ayun na. Nagunaw mundo ko. HAHAHAHA. Okay lang? E hindi lang daplis ang nangyari. Binalak ko tuloy sanang ulitin. Pero naalala kong conservative nga pala ako kaya umexit na lang ako. Tapos nagpromise sa sarili na sa susunod papakiramdaman ko muna kung may mga taong nakadikit sa akin para matantya kung paano ako gagalaw nang hindi kung ano ano ang natatamaan. :)

Kapote sa Umaga

Ako ay nasa Libis kaninang umaga dahil may presentation ang boss ko doon. E bakit ako nandoon? Malamang sinama niya ako. Ganon niya ako mamimiss eh. Ganon ako kaloveable. hahaha. Tapos ayun, pagkatapos ng meeting… fast forward… Pumunta ako sa 7-eleven para bumili ng maiinom. Nakapila na ako sa counter. May isang lalaki sa unahan ko. Maliit lang sya. Mas maliit pa sa akin. 5'4 lang ako. OO maliit na ako.

Tapos may weird sa face niya eh. Yung baba niya. Yung baba niya parang feeling ko talaga pubic hair yun na naganyong baba. Grabe kasi sa haba at kulot. Pwede ng itirintas pwede na rin ishave minsan.

Noong siya na ang magbabayad bigla siyang naghanap ng...

premier condom na walang flavor. Nagulat ang mundo ko.

Yun lang naman. hahaha. Nagulat lang kasi ako. Alam mo yung tanghaling tapat? 12:00 yun. Tapos may makikitang kang bumibili ng condom parang SABIK KA PO? Pwede naman yang mamayang gabi.

OO, alam kong walang batas na nagbabawal bumili ng condom sa umaga. Pero naman sana gumawa ng milagro sa gabi. Para masaya.

Of Becoming A Lawyer

I deinitely am not sure whether my course, Applied Corporate Management, would be an appropriate pre law. Well, I am thinking of attending law school after I graduate in college. I have always wanted to become a lawyer since I was a kid. My reason back then was because I wanted to become filthy rich. I want to lie on a bed full of money. That is how greedy I was when I was a kid. I am not quite sure on how I developed that kind of thinking. But I am grateful now that I have a different reason on why I wanted to become a lawyer. And I am writing it here because I might forget it in the future. (Just Kidding)

Actually, I have two reasons. First of which is not basically a convincing reason but just one of the many ways of inspiring myself. So first is my crush is attending law school. HAHAHA. I have this crazy idea that someday, when we are already both lawyers, we would work in the same firm, become partners in the future and eventually who knows what. HAHAHA.

The second reason, which is the real one, is because I want justice to prevail in this country. When I was a kid and until now, I always see helpless people get deprived of access to fair and just treatment. While the powerful and influential people can always get away on the wrongdoings they commit. In my nineteen years of existence in this world, I have always been blessed by our loving Father with an adoring family, great set of friends, knowledge and wisdom. And to show my gratitude to our Father, I would be sharing the blessings that I receive from him by helping the deprived and helpless people an access to fair and just treatment.

You might doubt my reason, thinking that it is too idealistic. Well, I have always lived my life in practicality. Why not take a shot at an idealistic life, right?

All American Rejects

All American Rejects sings their own version of Womanizer.
Personally, I find them amusing in their version of Britney Spear's song. :))

They sounded good and were even funny in the video.
Watch their own version of Womanizer after the jump!

All American Reject - Womanizer (Britney Spears)

So, what do you think? Amazing right. :)

Pakiusap sa mga Naglalakad

Para ito sa mga taong kung maglakad ay parang ihihiwalay na nila yung mga kamay at braso nila sa katawan.
Please. Huwag naman super extend ang mga kamay pag maglalakad kayo kasi kung saan saan tumatama eh. Okay lang sana kung sa kamay lang din. E hindi eh. Minsan natatamaan si ‘junjun’ ika nga ni manong driver.

Syempre, nasasaktan si junjun. Minsan nga nagagalit pa. Ang hirap pa naman pakalmahin. Pag hindi na pakalma, ang awkward maglakad. Parang ewan lang.
Kaya pakiusap: Isipin na si junjun ang kinabukasan ng bayang ito. Huwag saktan at galitin parati. :))
HAHAHA. Wala lang akong magawa. At madalas lang din mangyari. =))

This is Your Life

"This is your life, and you are dying every minute"
- skillzthatkillz
This quote has really struck me in many ways. One, it is a pessimistic way of saying "Live your life. You're going to die soon." But nevertheless, caught my attention. Plus, it gave me inspiration to take my life seriously. We are all getting old. And we are not even sure when would Death be arriving at our doorstep knocking, telling us 'Hey, time's up. Fun is over.' So, let's have fun while we can! :)

Second, it made me realize that I should not be insecure on how others live their life. Besides, it is my life that I am living. I am may not be the coolest, most awesome, most gwapong human being living on planet earth, but I have my own swagger and I have my own game to play. ;)

Third, I should get Philam Life Insurance, who knows, right?

Happy Birthday to one of the best girl friends I ever had! :)

So, 20 years old ka na! Sadly, ako na susunod. T_T Syet na malagket. Ang tanda na natin. :( Pero ayos lang. Naging kuntento naman ako sa buhay ko dahil sa mga kaibigan kong tulad mo.

Anyhow, may message ako sa'yo. Sorry at binati kita nung July 12. Wahahaha. Nilagay ko pa talaga sa Planner ko yun tapos -failed! :))

Maraming salamat at pumayag ka na maging best friend kong kunwari. HAHAHA.

Enjoy na lang natin ang mga moments with everybody dahil malapit na tayong gumraduate lahat. :| Huwag kana masyadong magpakastress. hehehe. :) At para mamaintain ang sexy figure ay dapat gumagamit ka ng Safe Diet Pills. Iba na ang safe! :)

At ang malupit alam kong darating ang araw na magkakaroon na kayo ng mga lalaki sa buhay niyo at ang pangarap ko sana nga dumating ang araw na yun. HAHAHA. Mga pa choosy pa kasi kayo eh. BV. HAHAHA.


Facebook EMO.

Yesterday, I was in an Emo State of Mind. I don’t know why. I just had the feeling that I was being isolated by everyone. I don’t have social life, and mind you its offline and online. O_O Then all I do is office work tumblr but no one appreciates my posts. So I thought of slashing my wrist using a steel span . But I thought, ‘Shit. I don’t want to die with a deformed physical appearce. I look too good for that.’ (Sorry, I am awesome like that.) So I thought I would just prolong my agony and my desperate need of attention because I am pampam like that.

Anyhow, everything that I have written before this paragraph is nothing but a lie. HAHAHA. I just wanted a dramatic introduction so I decided to be emo like that. (Oh I am sounding too hipster. Maybe because I am a hipster like that. Shit. hahaha)

So this is what really happened. I posted a Facebook Status: Walang Nagmamahal sa FB ko. :( Then guess what. My friends replied with ‘HAHAHAHAHA’ and ’:))’. I was being emo with my status then my friends just laughed at it. It was so sad. I wanted to be emo. But my friends were so unsupportive. :( HAHAHAHA.

Anyhow, if you feel oh so lonely

I Am Distracted.

Okay. I always get distracted in work, school stuff, reading and everything else whenever I get infatuated with someone. Yuck. hahaha. But I know I'll never get the chance to be with that person Worse that person would not know me personally. The story of my life. Because I am sad like that. hahaha.

Anyway, I have a friend who is into Acai Berries. It is said that Acai Berries can make you lose weight in a healthy way since it is a fruit meaning it carries a lot of nutrients and stuff like that. Anyhow, if you want a 27-waistline like mine, try eating Acai Berries now! :)

And that's how distracted I am. hahaha. Very much unrelated but very useful information right?

Cinemalaya 2010: P by Milo Tolentino

A short film about a pesky little kid, Paeng, who was sent by his parents to his auntie, Pekta, for a vacation. Now it seems that the happy vacation Paeng thought slowly turns out to be a not-so nice one. Watch Paeng and his adventures in P.

I think amongst the five Short Films in Shorts B, P was by far the most appreciated one. Everyone in the audience was laughing the whole time, they even react on every actions Paeng does.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie. I was laughing the whole time. I even went to memory lane in one scene wherein Paeng was trying hard not to cry but Popoy kept on teasing him 'Iiyak na Yan'. The kid who acted as Paeng was superb in every aspect. He sure knows how to act!

In terms of the story line, I enjoyed Paeng's adventures all throughout the movie. It was hilarious, it was convincing and it was retarded in a good way. I love the 'E-Eng1-Eng1' punchline. It still amuses me up until now. The story how some people show their love among family members - not very much affectionate but you know he cares.

The movie is worth it. It was my first time to watch Cinemalaya and I don't regret watching. :)

UAAP Season 73 Opening

Last April, there was an Animo Year End Thanksgiving that was held in line of the success of the different athletes success in the UAAP games. Also, during the program, they announced that DLSU will host UAAP Season 73. In line with that, they showed everyone present a teaser for Season 73 with the theme "Where Heroes are Made..."

Here is the teaser trailer:

When I saw this video, I thought UAAP Season 73 shows a promising milestone for DLSU. And I was right! After today's UAAP opening, DLSU showed its brilliance in different aspects but most notable would be the the creativity part, which is very well evident in the short clip of athletes-turned-heroes. I really enjoyed the video!

Congratulations DLSU! woooot! :)

Globe Introduces Super One Unlimited Text and Call

Just a short sharing, last year, during my second year in college, we had this Product Proposal Project for our Basic Marketing. So we chose to use Sun Cellular as a brand and thought of a new product for it. Then we came up with the Couple's Load. It is basically an unlimited call and text for one month to a specific number for just 150 pesos. Looking back, our professor, Princess Velasco, said that the idea was great but we should not just concentrate on couples since parent-child can also be a target market.

And now Globe Introduces Super One Unlimited Text and Call, which is almost the same as the product we have thought of. HAHAHA. It is kind flattering to know that your ideas can materialize and be sold in the way you have thought of it.

Globe Super One allows you to link up to a specific number to get unlimited text and call to that number for a flat fee of Php150/month (Php175 for prepaid).

To register, text SUPER ONE <> ON to 8888 (postpaid). For prepaid, text SUPER ONE <> to 8888. Promo is until 9/15/10.

Globe Super One Unlimited Text and Call is part of Globe's My Super Plan.

Hating Kaptid Trailer

The trailer of the movie Hating Kapatid starring Sarah Geronimo and Judy Ann Santos has finally been released. Wooo! I am getting hyped. HAHAHA. I admit that I admire Sarah Geronimo for her beauty, charisma and talent.

Anyway, here is Hating Kapatid Trailer:

Hating Kapatid will start showing on July 21, 2010.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro

Who does not want to own this smartphone? I know you do. :)

Why I want one? Well because of these specs:

  • 3.2 inches resolution touchscreen display
  • 360 x 640 pixels resolution
  • 720 MHz processor
  • Slide out QWERTY keyboard
  • Symbian S60 5th edition Operating System
  • 5.1 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, autofocus and geotagging
  • 720p HD video recording
  • Video calling
  • WebKit web browser
  • social networking support
  • A-GPS
  • Google Maps
  • Wisepilot turn-by-turn navigation
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Bluetooth technology
  • TV-out
  • Wi-Fi
  • 8GB microSD card included

Why do sad people love the sunset?

I was rereading the book by Antoine De Saint-Exupery entitled The Little Prince . And one of the sayings the Little Prince uttered that made great impact to me was his claim that sad people do love the sunset. And he was one of those people who loved the sunset.

I pondered really hard on his idea and came into the conclusion that when the sun sets, its light fades away, it vanishes and leaves no mark. People have the tendency to hate goodbyes simple because we do not want to miss one another or because we do not want the bond to just dissolve in thin air. But when we do say our goodbyes, we tend to characterize ourself with the setting sun, bidding goodbye.

Princess Velasco - You Still Have My Heart

A short background about Princess Velasco and me. Well, she was just my Basic Marketing Professor in De La Salle University! Lucky me! HAHA. I was able to see her in person and talk to her face-to-face. HAHAHA. Anyway, I was totally flabbergasted at the moment I knew about how she was related to the Addicted to Acoustic album. o_O. I was totally caught off guard of the idea. But who cares? She is pretty and her voice is wholesomely elegant. And off she goes to become one of the new singers of the generation. Anyhow, I like her acoustic renditions on her first album. The second, so-so.

So, why did I blog about Princess? Basically because I want to share her first original song on her Addicted to Acoustic 2 album. The song was written by Dave Langit a PDA Season 1 ex-scholar.

Listen to the song. I doubt that you would not go LSS to the song! :))

P.S. You want to hear it in MYX more often? Then vote for it!
Text MYX(space)VOTE(space)YOU STILL HAVE MY HEART send to 2366

McDonald's Ad in France

I really love how McDonald's do their advertisements. They do not simply try to sell their products to the customers, but they also try to impart values to the consumers. And these values are not merely used to express what McDo believes in rather it is used to inspire others to have a leap of faith and firmly accept what they believe in.

Obama's Dick Signature

Obama's Dick Signature is Funny! :))

FM Static - Tonight

This song makes me melancholic of the days I spend with my high school friends laughing, chilling out and just trying to create the one of the soon to be best memories in our life. Being separated with your high school friends is really tough, especially when you have depended on them so much. But you have to cope with changes. Though it is pretty hard, you would make it. They say, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.'

The Superman In Our Life.

I was supposed to write an entry about "Mall Sales" but I opted to change the last minute, remembering that today is Father's day, hence the title. Wonder why? Well our dad's are our ultimate hero in life. When we were young, they never failed to protect us from any harm or danger creeping on us. When we became teens, they never forgot to spoil us on having fun at the same time give us helpful reminders in the path we are journeying. And when we become young adults, uhmm.. I still do now know what my dad would do since I am still a teenager. HAHA.

Anyway, my dad is one of the best persons in my life. I know how generic that claim during this time of the occasion is, but I sincerely mean it.

How did I come up with that claim?
Well basically because my dad has honestly worked hard to feed, clothe and satisfy five human beings' wants and needs. And those five human beings would be my my two sisters, me, my mom and of course himself. You might think that I am too materialistic, just mentioning about clothes, foods and wants. But as what I have said, that is just the basic.

Another reason to my claim would be my dad's way of showing his love and care. My dad has never hit us with any thing. He has never bad mouthed us in any occasion. I know that there are a lot of dads out there who would get easily pissed of to their children. But my dad never did. He would try to patiently understand our hearts, our feelings and our thoughts.

He is also the mediator in the family. As I have said, he rarely gets angry. He leaves the heated discussions among me, my sisters and my mom. And whenever we start to turn our little misunderstandings to shouting, my dad would always get himself ready to stop it. HAHA. It is really funny how my dad would always talk to us in a very calm manner, asking us to just reconcile with each other and respect each others' different opinions. I admire my dad for that.

Now I am teary-eyed. I did not expect that writing this blog entry would result to a lot of realizations. I realized that I have never really fully appreciated my dad for what he has done for me. I am honestly would not be studying at a prestigious school without him. I have never really thanked him for that. I guess this is why we celebrate Father's Day, to look back to what our dads have done for us. To appreciate their hard work and unconventional love for us.

To my dad, I Love You! I know I rarely tell you that, but it comes from the bottom of my heart. Someday, I would make you proud of me. I hope you would be! :)

Happy Father's Day to the greatest Dad in the World - My Dad! Don't argue okay? We all know he is the greatest. :))

Equus in Manila

Equus is a play written by Peter Shaffer. It was first shown on 1973 at the Royal National Theater in London. It was revived a lot of times in different places. But the 2007 revival at London's West End was the most news-breaking. It sure went as a surprise to everyone when the little Harry Potter they used to see, dared to take and portray a more matured and more complicated role. Yes, I am talking about Daniel Radcliffe here, taking the role of Alan Strang.

And now the controversial has found its way here in the Philippines. Marco Manalac will play the role of Alan Strang. Red Concepcion will be his alternate.

Marco Manalac is a Cum Laude Literature graduate at Ateneo de Manila University.
He currently works at another well-known university as a Marketing Director. And also, he is presently trying his luck to become the next MYX VJ. Know more about this guy with Ricky Lo's interview with him.

Equus in Manila will start showing on July 9 to 25, 8:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays, 3:30PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Visit Repertory for more details.

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