UAAP Season 73 Opening

Posted by on Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last April, there was an Animo Year End Thanksgiving that was held in line of the success of the different athletes success in the UAAP games. Also, during the program, they announced that DLSU will host UAAP Season 73. In line with that, they showed everyone present a teaser for Season 73 with the theme "Where Heroes are Made..."

Here is the teaser trailer:

When I saw this video, I thought UAAP Season 73 shows a promising milestone for DLSU. And I was right! After today's UAAP opening, DLSU showed its brilliance in different aspects but most notable would be the the creativity part, which is very well evident in the short clip of athletes-turned-heroes. I really enjoyed the video!

Congratulations DLSU! woooot! :)

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