This is Your Life

Posted by on Thursday, July 22, 2010

"This is your life, and you are dying every minute"
- skillzthatkillz
This quote has really struck me in many ways. One, it is a pessimistic way of saying "Live your life. You're going to die soon." But nevertheless, caught my attention. Plus, it gave me inspiration to take my life seriously. We are all getting old. And we are not even sure when would Death be arriving at our doorstep knocking, telling us 'Hey, time's up. Fun is over.' So, let's have fun while we can! :)

Second, it made me realize that I should not be insecure on how others live their life. Besides, it is my life that I am living. I am may not be the coolest, most awesome, most gwapong human being living on planet earth, but I have my own swagger and I have my own game to play. ;)

Third, I should get Philam Life Insurance, who knows, right?


  1. it really suck to read that quote... too bad to that person who owns it. maybe he or she is not happy in this world..

    fun doesn't always mean you should so lot of stuff that will make you happy,but it is by learning to know what life really means. there's a difference between growing old and growing up,
    growing old is by age but growing up is by maturity of your mind and a lesson learner..

    death is not the main reason to talk about here, it is how you live your life, and knowing your interests. God would be the first one and second would be your life,third is your family and lastly is your job. FUN will only come if you know what it means...

    thank you


  2. Well, the word is fun is subjective. It depends on the character of the person on how he defines it.


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