The Superman In Our Life.

Posted by on Sunday, June 20, 2010

I was supposed to write an entry about "Mall Sales" but I opted to change the last minute, remembering that today is Father's day, hence the title. Wonder why? Well our dad's are our ultimate hero in life. When we were young, they never failed to protect us from any harm or danger creeping on us. When we became teens, they never forgot to spoil us on having fun at the same time give us helpful reminders in the path we are journeying. And when we become young adults, uhmm.. I still do now know what my dad would do since I am still a teenager. HAHA.

Anyway, my dad is one of the best persons in my life. I know how generic that claim during this time of the occasion is, but I sincerely mean it.

How did I come up with that claim?
Well basically because my dad has honestly worked hard to feed, clothe and satisfy five human beings' wants and needs. And those five human beings would be my my two sisters, me, my mom and of course himself. You might think that I am too materialistic, just mentioning about clothes, foods and wants. But as what I have said, that is just the basic.

Another reason to my claim would be my dad's way of showing his love and care. My dad has never hit us with any thing. He has never bad mouthed us in any occasion. I know that there are a lot of dads out there who would get easily pissed of to their children. But my dad never did. He would try to patiently understand our hearts, our feelings and our thoughts.

He is also the mediator in the family. As I have said, he rarely gets angry. He leaves the heated discussions among me, my sisters and my mom. And whenever we start to turn our little misunderstandings to shouting, my dad would always get himself ready to stop it. HAHA. It is really funny how my dad would always talk to us in a very calm manner, asking us to just reconcile with each other and respect each others' different opinions. I admire my dad for that.

Now I am teary-eyed. I did not expect that writing this blog entry would result to a lot of realizations. I realized that I have never really fully appreciated my dad for what he has done for me. I am honestly would not be studying at a prestigious school without him. I have never really thanked him for that. I guess this is why we celebrate Father's Day, to look back to what our dads have done for us. To appreciate their hard work and unconventional love for us.

To my dad, I Love You! I know I rarely tell you that, but it comes from the bottom of my heart. Someday, I would make you proud of me. I hope you would be! :)

Happy Father's Day to the greatest Dad in the World - My Dad! Don't argue okay? We all know he is the greatest. :))

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