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2010: The Year that Ended so Fast

This post does not count as a year-end entry. This is merely a shout out of some sort.
Anyway, 2010 ended pretty quickly for me. It seemed that I was just greeting 2010 yesterday with some awesome fire crackers and lo and behold, I am now bidding my goodbye to 2010. I am not quite sure what made it end so fast. Maybe because I was able to enjoy every minute of the year. Maybe because there were too much ups and downs that I was not able to notice the ticking of the clock. Or maybe I just did not care at all.
This year I experienced a lot of new dramas and new things. I experienced failure. Not once but countless of times. I experienced success with my friends. I learned how to be friendly. I learned how to be bitchy. I lost friends. I gained new ones. But what made 2010 interesting is the fact that I survived an entire year of challenges because of God's blessings. I survived the year with my family and friends!
Now, I bid goodbye to you 2010 with a smile. Not because I am eager for you to end. But because that you made me learn new lessons. You helped me grow and become a better person. You made my existence worthwhile. On this note GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011. I am now ready to greet 2011 with a resounding smile, hoping of another year filled with laughters and smiles, tears and learnings.
Happy New Year!

Kyle Hanagami - Firework

One kick-ass dance moves! I wished I knew how to dance as good as Kyle Hanagami!

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