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Posted by on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I need some HELP! I am now in panic mood. HAHAHA. I have a Cultural Arts Office (CAO) Awards Night to attend to this Friday and I still don't have something to wear. The theme of the awards night would be 'Hairspray, 2007' where Zac Efron was on the lead role. By the way, I haven't seen the movie yet. I am not really enticed to watch it. :)

Moving on, I am deciding on these two outfits:

Aaron Johnson

(1) I am not quite sure if this kind of polo would fit the Hairspray fashion. Nevertheless, I think it would have a Hairspray look since it is a bit of retro. HAHAHA. Alsom I am leaning more on to this since it is more practical and a bit inexpensive. HAHAHA. (yes, I am kuripot that much. HAHAHA)

Screencap from the movie Hairspray, 2007

(2) This second one is a bit not really my style. It is very shiny shimmering splendid. HAHAHA. However, I am considering this outfit since I know many of those who would attend would wear this and I do not want to be super out of place. :|

Now I am clearly dead. What should I wear? Help!


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  2. @super balentong: actually, ang balak ko nga eh mag ala-malakas. dahon dahon lang suot. para feeling hot ako. =))


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