Of Becoming A Lawyer

Posted by on Saturday, July 31, 2010

I deinitely am not sure whether my course, Applied Corporate Management, would be an appropriate pre law. Well, I am thinking of attending law school after I graduate in college. I have always wanted to become a lawyer since I was a kid. My reason back then was because I wanted to become filthy rich. I want to lie on a bed full of money. That is how greedy I was when I was a kid. I am not quite sure on how I developed that kind of thinking. But I am grateful now that I have a different reason on why I wanted to become a lawyer. And I am writing it here because I might forget it in the future. (Just Kidding)

Actually, I have two reasons. First of which is not basically a convincing reason but just one of the many ways of inspiring myself. So first is my crush is attending law school. HAHAHA. I have this crazy idea that someday, when we are already both lawyers, we would work in the same firm, become partners in the future and eventually who knows what. HAHAHA.

The second reason, which is the real one, is because I want justice to prevail in this country. When I was a kid and until now, I always see helpless people get deprived of access to fair and just treatment. While the powerful and influential people can always get away on the wrongdoings they commit. In my nineteen years of existence in this world, I have always been blessed by our loving Father with an adoring family, great set of friends, knowledge and wisdom. And to show my gratitude to our Father, I would be sharing the blessings that I receive from him by helping the deprived and helpless people an access to fair and just treatment.

You might doubt my reason, thinking that it is too idealistic. Well, I have always lived my life in practicality. Why not take a shot at an idealistic life, right?


  1. sana nga maging abugado ka...

    goodluck man!

  2. wow. pag nagkataon may kakilala na kong lawyer. nice :-)

  3. @abou: maraming salamat! :)

    @midnight driver: tamaaaaaa! :)) kaya lagi mong bisitahin tong blog ko para naman may pang-aral na ako. =))

  4. pangarap ko dating maging abugado, pero naging abugago na lang.


    na add na kita sa blogroll ko.

  5. @super balentong: at least may ABUGA pa rin sa umpisa di ba? :))


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