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Muhsroom Burger in ECHOstore

Looking for a meatless burger dish? Well, there is one grilling in Serendra. ECHOstore has been promoting sustainable lifestyle in their store through their eco-friendly products. So it is also but a perfect idea to offer shoppers a way to incorporate sustainable lifestyle in their everyday meals. I think they are offering around 8 dishes. The dish that I tried was the Mushroom Burger. I don’t think that it is quite unique since there are quite a few stores already offering the same dish.
However, this is my first time trying out this dish. The Mushroom burger was composed of mushroom patty, lettuce, tomato and malunggay pan de sal. It has a salad side dish composed of lettuce, slices of apple and slices of tomato. The plating of the dish was quite simple. They just placed the salad on the side and the burger in the middle. The taste, very tasty! It is one of the most great-tasting burgers I had! I loved it.
The only thing that takes me aback is its selling price. It is being sold at Php 195 excluding a 7-8% service charge. Very expensive for an average college student like me. But if you can afford it, try it! It is definitely worth it.

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