Charlie St. Cloud at Rockwell

Posted by on Monday, October 18, 2010

The first movie I watched at Power Plant Cinema was Charlie St. Cloud starring Zac Efron. And i think it was not worth it much. :D FYI, I went to see the movie because the people I am with that time were Zac Efron fans. So yeah, I feel like they are going to kill me if I choose to watch another movie. HAHAHA. The movie was not a total crap. I actually learned something from that movie:

Learn what to let go and know who to hold on.
I don't know if it is true or not, but sometimes, we as human become too attached to people and things to the extent that we become obsessed with it. But in life there is nothing that will not change. It is a fact that we have to learn when to keep holding on and learn when to start letting go. It is from letting go that we see our horizon and we get to open ourselves to countless opportunities. So, I ask you, what is one thing that you had a hard time letting go, but when you let it go, you found happiness?


  1. parang biglang nahirapan ako doon ha.
    but this time hindi ko pa ne lelet go ang pagkawala ng best friend kong aso. If i let it go ano kaya ang bago kung makukuhan.

  2. gustong-gusto ko tong movie na to.. ang ganda ng trailer... :D im gonna watch it :D

  3. isa sa mga inaabangan kung movie.. sobrang ganda nito... promise!!


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