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Ways to Reduce Global Warming

As a student, there are simple ways we can do to help in reducing global warming.

Here are some of the ways I have thought of:

1. Stop burning wastes.

Most of the homeowners in our subdivision burn their garbage, which I think is one of the top contributors in global warming.  It will be beneficial then if our family will try to lead by example in not burning trashes.  I think it will be more effective if we will cooperate with the barangay with their Garbage Collection Program.  This way, carbon emissions will be lessen drastically.

2. Plant trees.

Though it is very simple, I believe that this will be very effective in reducing carbon emissions since plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  Hence, there will be less carbon dioxide trapped in the earth's atmosphere.

3. Use fluorescent lights.

According to studies, fluorescent lights use is a more efficient lighting tool than regular light bulbs (  Fluorescent lights releases less heat compared to regular light bulbs.  Hence, it eliminates pounds of greenhouse gas.

Rokeach Value Survey Results

We answered the Rokeach Value Survey in class last time.  The survey asked us to rank terminal and instrumental values, separately, from the most importance to the least importance for us.

Rokeach defined instrumental values as values consisting, primarily, of personal characteristics and character traits.  While terminal values, on the other hand, are those things that we can work toward or we think are most important and that we feel are most desirable. (

I listed the top five of my terminal and instrumental values below.

Terminal values, 
Family Security
Inner Harmony
An Exciting Life

Instrumental Values

What difference does this make to me?  Probably, now I know which things I value more in life the most - my faith, family, friends and myself.

I always would like to believe that my faith will be the force to guide me to purpose in this world, which is why I ranked it first.  Second, my family and friends are my greatest encouragement in life.  They are the ones who always keep me sane despite all the hardships I face in college.  Which is another reason why I always be faithful to them.  In conclusion, I guess I can say that the values I am prioritizing right now are those that are close to my heart.

ACET 2011 Test Results

This is prolly one of the most exciting part of high school. The anxiety of waiting is just too much you just want to scream! hahaha! Good luck to all who took the exam!

UAAP Volleyball Season 74 Schedule

After the intense firs round of eliminations, its now time to enter the second round! Personally, I was not excited for this year's games considering that great athletes have already graduated. However, as the games progressed, I saw the development of all the teams. Maybe what makes this season exciting is the fact the playing level of every team is at par with each other. Though DLSU shows that they are still a powerhouse team by staying unbeaten up to this point, which I hope continues until the end!

Here is the schedule for the second round of eliminations for UAAP Volleyball Season 74

Jason Bourne is probably the most efficient assassin with a good heart, in cinematic history.
—Tom Hiddleston Questionnaire,  BBC Film 2011

I don't know why I did not watch these films when they were shown in the theaters! I feel like I almost missed half of my life.
The best part of the movie for me are the chase scenes - on foot or by car! This is true for the three titles. Can you believe that they were able to choreograph different chase scenes for the three films? I was so hyped while watching those scenes!
If you're a fan of assassins or action movies, this is a must watch for you!

Something to Remind Myself

Hi you, yes you. :) Remember when we first talked? It was all about an android App that you want to use on your friend.  That conversation started all this overwhelming feeling I have for you. You know how much  I like you; you are just not entertaining the idea. I appreciate that . But why do you always have to send me messages that cause confusions. You know what, I have given up already. But every time I say that to myself, here you go sending me weird messages making me forget about giving up. Paasa ka. You send mixed signals. You say you care but you are not showing it. 
Maybe that’s a sign for me to stop thinking about you already. I am giving myself a week before I let go of the idea that you care and remove you permanently (hopefully) in my life. You see, I have a busy life waiting for me which I put into hold thinking that we have a shot. But I guess that was the biggest mistake in my life.

“I read this quote once when I was a kid, ‘We live alone, we die alone. Everything else is just an illusion.’ It used to keep me up at night. We all die alone. So, why am I supposed to spend my life working, sweating, struggling? For an illusion? Because [nothing] is gonna help me avoid my fate. I have better things to do with my time.”

The movie started with that quote. So I instantly thought the film would be about a boy filled with issues and how he gets by with his life. But I was half wrong. It wasn't all about George's issues. It was also about how George found meaning in his life. That life is nothing to be feared. That life is not about just getting by.

I love-hate George's character. I love his awkwardness but I hate his pessimistic attitude. What I ultimately like about his character is the fact that I can relate with him. I am having a hard time figuring out what I feel or who I want to be. I feel less than nothing. Maybe because like him, I don't believe in myself. I fear life more than death. But I hope that I get the same happy ending he did.

I liked Sally's character. Unlike others I did not feel that Sally was trying to hurt George. Her character was just a bit aggressive, trying to give George every sign. But unfortunately, George does not know how to respond to these signs. So Sally just tried to cover up her hurt by going out with Damian. I think it was pride that made her decide to do such thing.

Three things about the movie: Reason of existence, Self-expression and Choices.

Exciting Two-Zero-One-Two

'Why sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'
The Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There, by Lewis Caroll.

I have always believed that objectives light our path.  It is, however, our actions that choose the path we take. So this year, I will be religiously devoted to my objectives.

To read two books each month. The reason I am doing this 2-in-1 objective is to improve my vocabulary skills, critical thinking and written communication.  Written and oral communication skills are my weaknesses, which coincidentally, are two of the most important skills in the corporate world. So through reading I hope I am able to improve those much needed areas.

Movie Night
To watch one movie a week.  Improving my work skills does not need to be done solely through boring activities right?  So I thought of improving my skills while getting entertained through films.

Explore the Philippines
Show my love for the country!  I have been wanting to travel around the country but time and money do not permit me to do so.  But this year, I won't let these factors hinder me from travelling.  I am young and free.  I am an adventurous person.  I always seek for action.  Boring lifestyle is not for me.  So this year,  I will explore.

Good Morning, Newspaper
Read the daily newspaper.  Be relevant, be informed.  A person who is up-to-date with the current news and events will never be a boring person.

2012, I'll own you like a betch!

Message to my 2012 Self

Now, I bid goodbye to you 2010 with a smile. Not because I am eager for you to end but because you made me learn new lessons. You helped me grow and become a better person. You made my existence worthwhile. On this note GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011. I am now ready to greet 2011 with a resounding smile, hoping of another year filled with laughters and smiles, tears and learnings.

2011 reminded me of how life could be unpredictable. It surprised me in every way possible - thesis, marketing contests, internship stints... which I'm very grateful for.

Today marks the first day of 2012. And to at least have a 2012 welcome post, here is a message I wrote to my 2012 self.

Hey future you,
You had a fantastic 2011. It was a blast! It has just been an amazing adventure to get to where and who you are. But I hope you continue to be more of your quirky self and less of your loner self.
Now, I hope you don't forget the things you have learned from 2011. Don't mind what the world thinks. You are a great person.
I know it is being with your friends that you feel most comfortable and safe. Don't be afraid to share your 2012 adventures with them. They maybe grumpy at times, but hey they are the ones who laugh at your joke even if they are an epic fail, right?
For now, all I can say is hey you, because I am hoping that after 2012 we can say2012 yahoo! 

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