Something to Remind Myself

Posted by on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hi you, yes you. :) Remember when we first talked? It was all about an android App that you want to use on your friend.  That conversation started all this overwhelming feeling I have for you. You know how much  I like you; you are just not entertaining the idea. I appreciate that . But why do you always have to send me messages that cause confusions. You know what, I have given up already. But every time I say that to myself, here you go sending me weird messages making me forget about giving up. Paasa ka. You send mixed signals. You say you care but you are not showing it. 
Maybe that’s a sign for me to stop thinking about you already. I am giving myself a week before I let go of the idea that you care and remove you permanently (hopefully) in my life. You see, I have a busy life waiting for me which I put into hold thinking that we have a shot. But I guess that was the biggest mistake in my life.

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