Message to my 2012 Self

Posted by on Sunday, January 1, 2012

Now, I bid goodbye to you 2010 with a smile. Not because I am eager for you to end but because you made me learn new lessons. You helped me grow and become a better person. You made my existence worthwhile. On this note GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011. I am now ready to greet 2011 with a resounding smile, hoping of another year filled with laughters and smiles, tears and learnings.

2011 reminded me of how life could be unpredictable. It surprised me in every way possible - thesis, marketing contests, internship stints... which I'm very grateful for.

Today marks the first day of 2012. And to at least have a 2012 welcome post, here is a message I wrote to my 2012 self.

Hey future you,
You had a fantastic 2011. It was a blast! It has just been an amazing adventure to get to where and who you are. But I hope you continue to be more of your quirky self and less of your loner self.
Now, I hope you don't forget the things you have learned from 2011. Don't mind what the world thinks. You are a great person.
I know it is being with your friends that you feel most comfortable and safe. Don't be afraid to share your 2012 adventures with them. They maybe grumpy at times, but hey they are the ones who laugh at your joke even if they are an epic fail, right?
For now, all I can say is hey you, because I am hoping that after 2012 we can say2012 yahoo! 

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