Rokeach Value Survey Results

Posted by on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We answered the Rokeach Value Survey in class last time.  The survey asked us to rank terminal and instrumental values, separately, from the most importance to the least importance for us.

Rokeach defined instrumental values as values consisting, primarily, of personal characteristics and character traits.  While terminal values, on the other hand, are those things that we can work toward or we think are most important and that we feel are most desirable. (

I listed the top five of my terminal and instrumental values below.

Terminal values, 
Family Security
Inner Harmony
An Exciting Life

Instrumental Values

What difference does this make to me?  Probably, now I know which things I value more in life the most - my faith, family, friends and myself.

I always would like to believe that my faith will be the force to guide me to purpose in this world, which is why I ranked it first.  Second, my family and friends are my greatest encouragement in life.  They are the ones who always keep me sane despite all the hardships I face in college.  Which is another reason why I always be faithful to them.  In conclusion, I guess I can say that the values I am prioritizing right now are those that are close to my heart.

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