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Of Becoming A Lawyer

I deinitely am not sure whether my course, Applied Corporate Management, would be an appropriate pre law. Well, I am thinking of attending law school after I graduate in college. I have always wanted to become a lawyer since I was a kid. My reason back then was because I wanted to become filthy rich. I want to lie on a bed full of money. That is how greedy I was when I was a kid. I am not quite sure on how I developed that kind of thinking. But I am grateful now that I have a different reason on why I wanted to become a lawyer. And I am writing it here because I might forget it in the future. (Just Kidding)

Actually, I have two reasons. First of which is not basically a convincing reason but just one of the many ways of inspiring myself. So first is my crush is attending law school. HAHAHA. I have this crazy idea that someday, when we are already both lawyers, we would work in the same firm, become partners in the future and eventually who knows what. HAHAHA.

The second reason, which is the real one, is because I want justice to prevail in this country. When I was a kid and until now, I always see helpless people get deprived of access to fair and just treatment. While the powerful and influential people can always get away on the wrongdoings they commit. In my nineteen years of existence in this world, I have always been blessed by our loving Father with an adoring family, great set of friends, knowledge and wisdom. And to show my gratitude to our Father, I would be sharing the blessings that I receive from him by helping the deprived and helpless people an access to fair and just treatment.

You might doubt my reason, thinking that it is too idealistic. Well, I have always lived my life in practicality. Why not take a shot at an idealistic life, right?

All American Rejects

All American Rejects sings their own version of Womanizer.
Personally, I find them amusing in their version of Britney Spear's song. :))

They sounded good and were even funny in the video.
Watch their own version of Womanizer after the jump!

All American Reject - Womanizer (Britney Spears)

So, what do you think? Amazing right. :)

Pakiusap sa mga Naglalakad

Para ito sa mga taong kung maglakad ay parang ihihiwalay na nila yung mga kamay at braso nila sa katawan.
Please. Huwag naman super extend ang mga kamay pag maglalakad kayo kasi kung saan saan tumatama eh. Okay lang sana kung sa kamay lang din. E hindi eh. Minsan natatamaan si ‘junjun’ ika nga ni manong driver.

Syempre, nasasaktan si junjun. Minsan nga nagagalit pa. Ang hirap pa naman pakalmahin. Pag hindi na pakalma, ang awkward maglakad. Parang ewan lang.
Kaya pakiusap: Isipin na si junjun ang kinabukasan ng bayang ito. Huwag saktan at galitin parati. :))
HAHAHA. Wala lang akong magawa. At madalas lang din mangyari. =))

This is Your Life

"This is your life, and you are dying every minute"
- skillzthatkillz
This quote has really struck me in many ways. One, it is a pessimistic way of saying "Live your life. You're going to die soon." But nevertheless, caught my attention. Plus, it gave me inspiration to take my life seriously. We are all getting old. And we are not even sure when would Death be arriving at our doorstep knocking, telling us 'Hey, time's up. Fun is over.' So, let's have fun while we can! :)

Second, it made me realize that I should not be insecure on how others live their life. Besides, it is my life that I am living. I am may not be the coolest, most awesome, most gwapong human being living on planet earth, but I have my own swagger and I have my own game to play. ;)

Third, I should get Philam Life Insurance, who knows, right?

Happy Birthday to one of the best girl friends I ever had! :)

So, 20 years old ka na! Sadly, ako na susunod. T_T Syet na malagket. Ang tanda na natin. :( Pero ayos lang. Naging kuntento naman ako sa buhay ko dahil sa mga kaibigan kong tulad mo.

Anyhow, may message ako sa'yo. Sorry at binati kita nung July 12. Wahahaha. Nilagay ko pa talaga sa Planner ko yun tapos -failed! :))

Maraming salamat at pumayag ka na maging best friend kong kunwari. HAHAHA.

Enjoy na lang natin ang mga moments with everybody dahil malapit na tayong gumraduate lahat. :| Huwag kana masyadong magpakastress. hehehe. :) At para mamaintain ang sexy figure ay dapat gumagamit ka ng Safe Diet Pills. Iba na ang safe! :)

At ang malupit alam kong darating ang araw na magkakaroon na kayo ng mga lalaki sa buhay niyo at ang pangarap ko sana nga dumating ang araw na yun. HAHAHA. Mga pa choosy pa kasi kayo eh. BV. HAHAHA.


Facebook EMO.

Yesterday, I was in an Emo State of Mind. I don’t know why. I just had the feeling that I was being isolated by everyone. I don’t have social life, and mind you its offline and online. O_O Then all I do is office work tumblr but no one appreciates my posts. So I thought of slashing my wrist using a steel span . But I thought, ‘Shit. I don’t want to die with a deformed physical appearce. I look too good for that.’ (Sorry, I am awesome like that.) So I thought I would just prolong my agony and my desperate need of attention because I am pampam like that.

Anyhow, everything that I have written before this paragraph is nothing but a lie. HAHAHA. I just wanted a dramatic introduction so I decided to be emo like that. (Oh I am sounding too hipster. Maybe because I am a hipster like that. Shit. hahaha)

So this is what really happened. I posted a Facebook Status: Walang Nagmamahal sa FB ko. :( Then guess what. My friends replied with ‘HAHAHAHAHA’ and ’:))’. I was being emo with my status then my friends just laughed at it. It was so sad. I wanted to be emo. But my friends were so unsupportive. :( HAHAHAHA.

Anyhow, if you feel oh so lonely

I Am Distracted.

Okay. I always get distracted in work, school stuff, reading and everything else whenever I get infatuated with someone. Yuck. hahaha. But I know I'll never get the chance to be with that person Worse that person would not know me personally. The story of my life. Because I am sad like that. hahaha.

Anyway, I have a friend who is into Acai Berries. It is said that Acai Berries can make you lose weight in a healthy way since it is a fruit meaning it carries a lot of nutrients and stuff like that. Anyhow, if you want a 27-waistline like mine, try eating Acai Berries now! :)

And that's how distracted I am. hahaha. Very much unrelated but very useful information right?

Cinemalaya 2010: P by Milo Tolentino

A short film about a pesky little kid, Paeng, who was sent by his parents to his auntie, Pekta, for a vacation. Now it seems that the happy vacation Paeng thought slowly turns out to be a not-so nice one. Watch Paeng and his adventures in P.

I think amongst the five Short Films in Shorts B, P was by far the most appreciated one. Everyone in the audience was laughing the whole time, they even react on every actions Paeng does.

Personally, I enjoyed the movie. I was laughing the whole time. I even went to memory lane in one scene wherein Paeng was trying hard not to cry but Popoy kept on teasing him 'Iiyak na Yan'. The kid who acted as Paeng was superb in every aspect. He sure knows how to act!

In terms of the story line, I enjoyed Paeng's adventures all throughout the movie. It was hilarious, it was convincing and it was retarded in a good way. I love the 'E-Eng1-Eng1' punchline. It still amuses me up until now. The story how some people show their love among family members - not very much affectionate but you know he cares.

The movie is worth it. It was my first time to watch Cinemalaya and I don't regret watching. :)

UAAP Season 73 Opening

Last April, there was an Animo Year End Thanksgiving that was held in line of the success of the different athletes success in the UAAP games. Also, during the program, they announced that DLSU will host UAAP Season 73. In line with that, they showed everyone present a teaser for Season 73 with the theme "Where Heroes are Made..."

Here is the teaser trailer:

When I saw this video, I thought UAAP Season 73 shows a promising milestone for DLSU. And I was right! After today's UAAP opening, DLSU showed its brilliance in different aspects but most notable would be the the creativity part, which is very well evident in the short clip of athletes-turned-heroes. I really enjoyed the video!

Congratulations DLSU! woooot! :)

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