Shakey's V-League Season 9 Quarter Finals Schedule

Posted by on Saturday, May 12, 2012

I have been a big fan of Philippine volleyball since four years ago when I first watched a volleyball game telecast of a Shakey's V-league game. Since then my fondness of the game just grew more and more.

This year, Shakey's V-League started the conference last April with 10 teams. Tomorrow, May 13, 2012, the tournament will start its quarter finals. For avid viewers, here is the schedule of the quarter finals:

(Telecast dates in parentheses)

May 13, Sunday
2:00pm – Perpetual vs Adamson
4:00pm – Ateneo vs St. La Salle (May 14, 7pm)
6:00pm – FEU vs UST (May 14, 9pm)

May 15, Tuesday
2:00pm – St. La Salle vs National (May 15, 7pm)
4:00pm – Ateneo vs Adamson (May 15, 9pm)

May 17, Thursday
2:00pm – FEU vs St. La Salle
4:00pm – SSC vs Ateneo (May 17, 7pm)
6:00pm – National vs Adamson (May 17, 9pm)

May 20, Sunday
2:00pm – Perpetual vs St. La Salle
4:00pm – SSC vs FEU (May 21, 7pm)
6:00pm – UST vs Ateneo (May 21, 9pm)

May 22, Tuesday
2:00pm – National vs SSC (May 22, 7pm)
4:00pm – UST vs Perpetual (May 22, 9pm)

May 24, Thursday
2:00pm – FEU vs Adamson
4:00pm – National vs UST (May 14, 7pm)
6:00pm – SSC vs Perpetual (May 14, 9pm)


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