Muji 2012 Planner

Posted by on Sunday, November 6, 2011

While everyone's excited collecting stickers for their Starbucks' planner, I already got myself a new planner! Yey! The MUJI 2012 Planner. The design is very simple -  just a white colored jacket with the year 2012 on the cover.

What attracted me the most with this planner is it's minimalist approach. Only the fundamentals are included from the cover to the inside.  Plus, it is quite affordable. Just for 425 pesos you can already own an awesome planner!

My photos won't do justice to the awesome look of the planner. So I suggest that you check out more pictures here. And if you would like to see it in person, try visiting their stores in Serendra and SM MOA. I got mine from SM MOA! :)

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