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Posted by on Thursday, January 13, 2011

Every new year, I am like one of those people who tell themselves that they would live the next year by living healthy - exercising daily, not skipping any meal, etc. It may surprise you that I am committing myself to this resolution now! :) From the internet, I saw an exercise routine of some sort.

It starts with doing a 100 jumping jacks then 90 sit-ups, 80 squats....
However, due to the fact that I am not really one of those super athletic, super strong guy on earth, I can hardly finish the sit-ups and the squats. HAHAHAHA. Well obviously ang hirap kaya! But I make some amends naman. I finish everything the whole day. So though I cannot do the 90 sit-ups in one stop, I can do it naman the whole day.

Until now I was wondering why should Jumping Jacks be on top of the list of the exercise? When I was in high school we end up our stretch with a Jumping Jack. But this routine asks me to start my exercise with a Jumping Jack. So I researched about it and I found out that:

Jumping Jack moves are a heart-healthy means of warming up prior to exercise. These movements increase the heart rate in gradual increments to get the heart pumping and oxygen and blood flowing to the muscles. When the heart and muscles are working at optimal performance, the body uses energy more efficiently.

Read more:
Jumping Jack is meant for warming up the body. I guess it is a good start to wake the body up and energize it so it would not get shock when you do some hardcore exercise afterwards.

So my suggestion is that before doing any exercise, I guess warming up by Jumping Jacks would be an important thing to do! :)

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