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My Internship Experience Unmasked

Honestly, when I had my first internship I did not know what to expect since I had no idea as of how it feels working; worse on an environment I am not familiar with. It felt like as if I was in my point in life where after brilliantly laying out my plan there would be a sudden unexpected bump that would deviate me out of my designed path.

When I was about to start my first internship, questions like what kind of challenges I would be facing and what kind of people I would be working with kept running into my mind. But I did not let those thoughts bother me. I just mustered all the confidence I had in me and tried to act all mature and ready to face the corporate world. Besides, in my mind, it would just be for a few weeks. All I need to do is to show up, do my work and leave.

But it’s amazing how in a few days many of my views about internship changed. Internship was not at all scary, it was just strange. I just needed time to adjust and adapt to the culture the office has. Supervisors are not all unapproachable and intimidating. They would be more than willing to be your mentor and teach you.

Before my internship stint, I have never truly been alone. I have always had my safety net with me, ready to catch me when I fall. But through my internship experience I learned how to be confident about the skills and knowledge my school taught me. I stopped doubting myself. I maximized the opportunity of learning and applying the theories I learned from school.

Internship is just embarking on a new journey. You may never know what you might find, but always remember to look at it in a positive way. Besides, you might just not gain new experience but also gain new friends!

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