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I wonder how people nowadays got this crazy? HAHAHA. This made me laugh so hard. :D

The reason I posted this image is because it is very relevant to me right now. As of this term, I have 5 research papers to submit at the end of the trimester. Good thing is, the papers are done by group. Bad side is, my group mates are not really that great when it comes to writing. Yes I am bad for telling everyone about it.

But duh? They still have this mind set that they are almighty great when in truth is I have to rewrite everything that they have written. The ideas for the paper all comes from me. The paper looked more like an individual thing than a group thing. I shit you not. Here is an excerpt from one of the papers that are currently being written which is made by my group mate:

According to Rodriguez (2009), companies tend to employ non-family members as full time managers in the firm to suffice the need. This is for the reason that both the family and the business grow and the business requires more managers and the family could not provide as much effective managers as the organization needs. Moreover, professional managers have different experiences in the organizations they worked with and bring their knowledge to the family firms and thus, the firm can be able to improve and further adapt with the changes happening in the business environment.

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