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Hinay Hinay Lang

A word has a capacity to totally change, twist and distort the meaning of what we are trying to say.

Like these experiences I had yesterday:

Me: Uy! Bola ng basketball. Keio, pahiram!
Keio: Eto o. Ingat nga pala. Masakit yan pag nafinger ka nyan.
Me: Whaaaaat?

Yoyo: Sheila sayo na lang tong Pringles o.
Sheila: Salamat. Grabe ang hirap naman nitong kainin.
Yoyo: Basta isubo mo na lang.
Everyone: WOOOOOW.

Tonton: Haluiin mo na yung egg mo.
Emang: Oo na. Ano ginagawa mo?
Tonton: I am poking your egg.
Emang: Don't touch my egg.
Me: Healthy conversation much. HAHAHA

If I have to live my life hearing these things, I swear I won't be able to stop laughing.

UAAP Season 73 Volleyball Schedule



Sat 27-Nov-10 Filoil Arena

Men DLSU vs NU 9:00am
Men ADMU vs UST 11:00am
Women FEU vs NU 2:00pm
Women ADMU vs UST 4:00pm
Sun 28-Nov-10 Filoil Arena
Men UE vs AdU 9:00am
Men UP vs FEU 11:00am
Women UP vs UE 2:00pm
Women AdU vs DLSU 4:00pm
Wed 1-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men NU vs ADMU 9:00am
Men FEU vs UE 11:00am
Women NU vs ADMU 2:00pm
Women DLSU vs UP 4:00pm
Sat 4-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men FEU vs NU 9:00am
Men UP vs DLSU 11:00am
Women DLSU vs NU 2:00pm
Women AdU vs FEU 4:00pm
Sun 5-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men AdU vs ADMU 9:00am
Men UE vs UST 11:00am
Women UE vs ADMU 2:00pm
Women UP vs UST 4:00pm
Wed 8-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men UST vs UP 9:00am
Men AdU vs DLSU 11:00am
Women FEU vs UE 2:00pm
Women UST vs AdU 4:00pm
Sat 11-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men UST vs DLSU 9:00am
Men AdU vs UP 11:00am
Women UE vs AdU 2:00pm
Women UST vs FEU 4:00pm
Sun 12-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men ADMU vs FEU 9:00am
Men NU vs UE 11:00am
Women NU vs UP 2:00pm
Women ADMU vs DLSU 4:00pm
Wed 15-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men AdU vs NU 9:00am
Men UP vs ADMU 11:00am
Women UE vs NU 2:00pm
Women AdU vs ADMU 4:00pm
Sat 18-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men UST vs AdU 9:00am
Men DLSU vs FEU 11:00am
Women UST vs UE 2:00pm
Women FEU vs DLSU 4:00pm
Sun 19-Dec-10 Filoil Arena
Men NU vs UP 9:00am
Men UE vs ADMU 11:00am
Women NU vs AdU 2:00pm
Women UP vs ADMU 4:00pm
Sat 8-Jan-11 Filoil Arena
Men FEU vs AdU 9:00am
Men NU vs UST 11:00am
Women DLSU vs UE 2:00pm
Women NU vs UST 4:00pm
Sun 9-Jan-11 Filoil Arena
Men UP vs UE 9:00am
Men ADMU vs DLSU 11:00am
Women AdU vs UP 2:00pm
Women ADMU vs FEU 4:00pm
Wed 12-Jan-11 Filoil Arena
Men DLSU vs UE 9:00am
Men UST vs FEU 11:00am
Women FEU vs UP 2:00pm
Women UST vs DLSU 4:00pm
- End of 1st Round -

After Basketball, Volleyball is the second most popular game in the UAAP. I am quite not sure who is the strongest among the teams but surely I'll support my Alma Mater! :)) Animo La Salle!

Charlie St. Cloud at Rockwell

The first movie I watched at Power Plant Cinema was Charlie St. Cloud starring Zac Efron. And i think it was not worth it much. :D FYI, I went to see the movie because the people I am with that time were Zac Efron fans. So yeah, I feel like they are going to kill me if I choose to watch another movie. HAHAHA. The movie was not a total crap. I actually learned something from that movie:

Learn what to let go and know who to hold on.
I don't know if it is true or not, but sometimes, we as human become too attached to people and things to the extent that we become obsessed with it. But in life there is nothing that will not change. It is a fact that we have to learn when to keep holding on and learn when to start letting go. It is from letting go that we see our horizon and we get to open ourselves to countless opportunities. So, I ask you, what is one thing that you had a hard time letting go, but when you let it go, you found happiness?

Football Field Kick Off

Last October 1, 2010, DLSU had its kick off celebration for the football field. Why? Because the football field will be changed into a new building. Well I think La Salle is just coping with the need of bigger space for a bigger school population.

Personal Note:

Ang pinaka una kong P.E. sa DLSU ay Football. Noong nalaman ko yon napaSYET ako ng di oras. :)) Hindi naman dahil sa hindi ako marunong maglaro ng football dahil hindi naman talaga ako marunong maglaro, kung hindi dahil 2 hours kaming maglalaro noon every Tuesday. Hassle.

Tapos noong minsan nagkaroon kami ng competition, napaka competitive ng mga classmates ko. Parang wala ng bukas kung makatakbo. Eh di ako nageffort na rin. Agaw sa bola. Sipa sa bola. Pero SYET ang lalaki ng mga classmates ko. Parang times two ng body mass ko. Kaya ang resulta, konting pag siko lang isa na ako sa mga tumutumbang players. HAHAHA.

Ayos lang dahil kasama naman yun sa laro. At naenjoy ko rin naman ang football dahil doon ko mas nakilala mga blockmates ko. At dun ko rin naenjoy ang pagtakbo takbo sa Footbal Field. Siguro I'll miss looking at the football field from the 3rd of LS building. Wala na kasi akong makikitang mga Varsity players na nagpapractice. HAHAHA

Useless Fact: Oldest Prostitute

I was listening to Mellow 94.7 when the DJ shared his useless fact of the day - the Oldest Prostitute!
The oldest living, working prostitute would be an 82 year old woman nicknamed ‘Grandma’. She charges ten or twenty times less than other prostitutes.
This is just so disturbing. O_O

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